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Business Courses App Design
Sber Business School is a mobile service for premium individual clients that provides access to unique content based on training and development programs for the management of Sberbank.

The goal is to promote Sberbank's learning models, create an additional sales channel for educational content, and attract and retain customers on digital platforms.

Role: Product Designer
Duration: June 2020 - May 2021

4 Training programs selected by clients and used in Mobile Service as a proposal

Project Overview
In this project, I created presentation materials for 5 training courses. The branding identity of the presentations was reused in the app. I developed the design for the landing page and the banner with the course logo, which should be embedded on the Sber First portal. Reporting presentations with an overview of the financial model were also made, which disclose the project to stakeholders. 

The projects I designed for:
Digital Leadership Training Program
Digital Business Transformation
Customer Experience Design
Senior Executive Development Program (LBS)
Digital Leadership Education Program (with Imperial College London)

Mobile App designed for educational purpose for Premium clients

Sber Business School logotype designed for the marketing materials and used at the website to promote the Mobile Service

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