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An apple sorting station has 5 departments. Every day a lot of trucks visit the station to load apples. Trucks have various body sizes, parameters, etc. The managers of each department use an old desktop application that shows simple information about trucks (the whole number of trucks on the station, their load capacity)

The station owner plans to open additional departments and increase company profit, but hiring additional managers is hard (expensive manager training, lack of the skilled managers).

The station owner plans to remove the requirement to increase the number of managers by implementing a new automated solution for the current departments.
It will help to build additional departments using the same management capacity.
In order to do that, the new solution should include live information of:

If something went wrong in each department
How many trucks are loading at current time
When trucks are ready to departure

Information for previous days
Plans for upcoming loads
Suggest a solution if we have 30+ departments

Suggested a solution if company will have 30+ departments

Components created in Figma file and table example building on them

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